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Waqas Yousaf March 13, 2017 0 Comments

Breif Intro into Resetting WordPress Password?

I usually need to reset wordpress passwords because I set temporary passwords and usually forget the password or misplace it. Also, there are tons of queries on different freelancing sites where clients post queries likes password hacked or password forgotten and I (“The Client”) need to recover this password. So, Resetting wordpress password is something every web developor and web master must know if you are into wordpress development.

Having said that the own pre-req for this tutorial is the access to wordpress website’s database manager which is phpmyadmin most of the times. You can access phpmyadmin from website’s Cpanel account.


  1. [highlight3]Click phpmyadmin[/highlight3]
  2. [highlight2]Select your wordpress’ database. (if you don’t know your database name, then look it up into w-config.php file in root)[/highlight2]
  3. [highlight3]Open users table with prefix (which is rh_ in my case)[/highlight3]
  4. [highlight2]Look for the user you are going after and click edit[/highlight2]
  5. [highlight3]You’ll see some gibberish text written in user_pass field’s value column. Don’t worry. Just write in your new password in value column.[/highlight3]
  6. [highlight2]Click on the function drop down and select MD5[/highlight2]
  7. [highlight3]Click go[/highlight3]

This is it. You have just reseted the password of your wordpress website. I have created a tutorial video. Check it out below!

Watch Video Tutorial to Reset WordPress Password


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