Removing WordPress Menu Items with Single Click

As a web developer working on website, All I know is time is money and during developing a website, there is one thing I hated the most. “Deleting menu items”. You see when I want to remove a menu item in WordPress, I go to [highlight2]Appearance -> Menus[/highlight2]  in admin Panel and then I remove the items one by one by expanding the menu item and using Remove to delete single item. Imagine when you have to remove an entire submenu consisting dozens of links. This exercise becomes excoriating painful.

The Solution

Meet One Click Remove Menu

  1. Just download and install this tiny plugin
  2. A little trash can button would appear on the menu item.
  3. Just delete as many items you want to without expanding and finding tiny remove link .

Thats it, Menu Item deleted.



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Waqas Yousaf March 27, 2017 0 Comments