5 Handy Tools For Website Developers

In the business of web development and designing, unlike other designing fields, a website creator gets to use many tools in the process. These tools ranging from itsy bitsy notepad to humongous corporate solutions are the part of everyday work of a website developer. We have decided to link 5 wee tools that will make a web designer’s job easier and they are also absolutely free.



These days you don’t have to be a Photoshop expert to create the icons for your website. Just crop the logo and upload it on this website and it will create a downloadable icon file for your website.

Brackets by Adobe


Brackets is open source code editing tool developed by adobe and it’s absolutely free. It’s not only light weight and easy on computer resources but it has many features that other markup language editors just don’t have.

Opera Mobile Emulator


We are living in mobile age and every website is now coming with responsive website. So, if you are developing a mobile friendly responsive website, then you should have this utility on your system for a quick preview of your work

font dragr


Choosing the right font for the website is quite hard and tedious task. Font dragr is an online tool to test the font design without having them imported by just simply dragging the font file to the webpage.



Want to test your website performance? This website would review your website and give you overall report for your website ranging from website design to the social media link and website code validation

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Waqas Yousaf September 13, 2015 0 Comments