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enable gzip compression

What is GZIP Compression You need to enable GZIP compression on your website to reduce load time of your website. Sharp website development and aggressive search engine optimization (SEO) is vital for every website but adding heap of content takes it tool on your website’s viewership. Research shows that your website will leave your website if it made them more than 20 seconds. Modern website designs are incomplete without CSS, Java scripts, PHP and images but sometimes these things piles so much that they choke the bandwidth of the consumer and consumers......

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PHP date and time functions refernce cheatsheet

Why Do I Need PHP Date And Time Refernce? Need for a PHP date and time reference arose when I was working on a blog and I had to check for the date and time functions every now and then. Let me admit something here. Nobody is a perfect programmer. We usually need references and cheatsheets to get out word done quickly. PHP like every other maintained programming language has like thousands if not millions of function names and parameters. I cannot remember all the functions and classes for a specific task.......

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handy tools for web developers

In the business of web development and designing, unlike other designing fields, a website creator gets to use many tools in the process. These tools ranging from itsy bitsy notepad to humongous corporate solutions are the part of everyday work of a website developer. We have decided to link 5 wee tools that will make a web designer’s job easier and they are also absolutely free. ConvertIcon www.converticon.com These days you don’t have to be a Photoshop expert to create the icons for your website. Just crop the logo and upload it......

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