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google recaptcha 2.0 with codeigniter

Google reCAPTCHA implantation in codeigniter is pretty much easy and here’s the guide to get google reCAPTCHA in codeigniter. Get Google reCAPTCHA Keys First you have to generate your recaptcha keys by going to recaptcha admin panel and going to the bottom of the page and generate keys for reCAPTCHA 2.0.   Dowload Codeigniter Recaptcha Library Download reCAPTCHA Library for Codeigniter from Here and extract the files. Now, Copy the file from libraries folder to your codeigniter application’s libraries directory and config content to config directory. 3. copy generated keys to config directory’s recaptcha.php Create Form View Now for the......

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Codeigniter Hacks and Tricks

I have been using codeigniter for building small and medium level projects for quite some years now. There are few tweaks and tricks I would love to share with codeigniter enthusiasts to make their work bit easier.   HTML Email Templates If you are building an newsletter system of email delivery method  for sending out different emails with html contents, this one is for you to get the job done seamlessly. Create a folder in your views directory for email templates e.g. emailtemplates Create email templates views and save them in the......

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Codeigniter’s Built-in Captcha with Form Validation

Why Use Codeigniter’s Built-in Captcha Captchas are the images you use on your forms to keep bots off the bay. Codeigniter gives you a built-in captcha helper which you can use to generate some captchas. Bit confusing part for newbies is using codeigniter’s form validation with built-in captcha. Following is the working example of captcha generation and captcha validation in codeigniter. Controller Test.php View myform.php Download the compressed source code from here (mirror).   You can reach Waqas Yousaf through twitter @wiqi....

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Removing Wordpress Menu Items with Single Click

As a web developer working on website, All I know is time is money and during developing a website, there is one thing I hated the most. “Deleting menu items”. You see when I want to remove a menu item in WordPress, I go to   in admin Panel and then I remove the items one by one by expanding the menu item and using Remove to delete single item. Imagine when you have to remove an entire submenu consisting dozens of links. This exercise becomes excoriating painful. The Solution Meet One Click Remove......

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Reset WordPress PQassword Video Tutorial

Breif Intro into Resetting WordPress Password? I usually need to reset wordpress passwords because I set temporary passwords and usually forget the password or misplace it. Also, there are tons of queries on different freelancing sites where clients post queries likes password hacked or password forgotten and I (“The Client”) need to recover this password. So, Resetting wordpress password is something every web developor and web master must know if you are into wordpress development. Having said that the own pre-req for this tutorial is the access to wordpress website’s database manager......

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HTML parsing and web scraping using PHP

What is Web Scraping? According to Wikipedia, Web scraping means “Web scraping (web harvesting or web data extraction) is a computer software technique of extracting information from websites.” It simply means that you can copy data from other websites to show or store it on your website. Lets say you want to create a currency exchange calcular but you don’t want to input currency rates everyday on the website because its tedious work. You can purchase an API that can cost you around 500 USD or more or you can simply parse......

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5 reasons to never use Flash on your website

Back in the 2000’s, When Flash came out first time with its smooth animations and sound support, It amazed me. I learnt Flash animations so that I can make my website cooler (I know but It was early 2k) but now days I recommend my clients to tick off the flash off their project list for following reasons Stability and performance issues Flash can make low end machines crippling slow because it guzzles resources like nothing else. Remember the browser crashes when you tried loading it in the past? Yeah. Poor Usability......

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wordpress banned title words list

Why do you need a banned word list for titles? Running a blog with multiple authors is such a nightmare. You got to deal with many things and on the top of the all you also got to look for the content being posted on the blogs. You can either reduce the access level of bloggers and read all the content first by yourself and then publish it but it would take like forever and it would only add another task to your responsibilities. Then there is this way, in which you......

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generate pdf from php php2pdf

Why Generate PDF Files With PHP? No site is completed with out generating PDF file reports today. There are plenty of open source free libraries to achieve this task but my personal favorite is FPDF class. I find it suitable for the task because of its simplicity, relatively smaller size and ease of use. Just head to the fpdf.org to download a free copy of the library. Unzip it in your web directory and include “fpdf.php” and that’s about it. Source Code Below, You can find a pretty basic no bells and whistles code......

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